Arts & Crafts

Lozari essential oils

By On 2021-03-28

Find in our markets as well as in the production site itself, Corsican organic essential oils whose plants are collected and distilled in Corsica.

Music boxes in Pigna

By On 2021-03-28

Manufacture of painted wood music boxes, unique in their kind, which will make your children enjoy tunes from the traditional Corsican repertoire.

Pottery in Pigna

By On 2021-03-28

Pottery, ceramics, this craftsman works all terracotta to make useful and decorative objects.

Leather in Occiglioni

By On 2021-02-04

A craftsman continues to work with leather at your doorstep! She will offer you belts, leather goods and leather objects made with her own hand. A nice stopover in his little shop will take you on a journey.