Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to add other payments to those communicated?

By On 2021-02-04

Everything is specified on the site, you will have to pay:

  • Your chosen rental
  • Selected options
  • Tourist tax which must be paid on site and for which we accept cash

There is nothing else, no hidden expense!

How will the payment be made?

By On 2021-02-04

The deposit must be paid via the site interface so you will have two means of payment available: 

  • Payment by bank transfer 
  • Payment by bank check

How and to whom can I get more information in the event of a problem in the apartment?

By On 2021-02-04

You will have our cell phone number to reach us at any time.

Which steps are taken for COVID?

By On 2021-02-04

We follow the safety instructions to prevent the transmission of the virus. Wearing a mask to meet you, thoroughly cleaning the apartment and especially the handles, remote controls, etc. with a bactericidal product.

And if I arrive early in the morning or late at night, how will my welcome be?

By On 2021-02-04

We will do our best to be available when you arrive. I'm sure we'll find a way to welcome you.

How is the check out going?

By On 2021-02-04

The check out is detailed in our welcome booklet which will be sent to you upon confirmation of your reservation. It is based on trust. We will mainly check the cleanliness of the accommodation.

How is the check in going?

By On 2021-02-04

The entry inventory procedure is detailed in our welcome booklet and co-ownership regulations which will be sent to you once your reservation has been confirmed. Usually it is around 3 or 4 p.m. ideally. Obviously we will adapt if the arrival is delayed. It is based on trust. We'll go over the welcome booklet with you and highlight the most important. We will show you your accommodation, your car park and we will explain the operation of the main devices. We will show you the equipment you have chosen in your options (detailed list in the reservations tab). We will remind you of our rules for living well together. 

Then, you just need to send us an SMS if a hardware is faulty or if you are missing something. 

We will also wait for the payment of the balance when you enter the accommodation.

How can I take possession of my rental?

By On 2021-02-04

Before your arrival, you will have the telephone number of the person in charge of welcoming you. Just tell us your time slot and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Should I do the cleaning?

By On 2021-02-04

The cleaning must be done when you leave. We can help you find a housekeeper if you let us know well in advance.

Is there a barbecue?

By On 2021-02-04

Yes, it is available in the garden and it is even a barbecue-plancha combination. You will have more details in the reservation tab.

Can we go to town on foot?

By On 2021-02-04

Ile Rousse is about 2 km away and it is the nearest town. A city, ... a city everything is relative, it has around 8000 inhabitants ... It is therefore advisable to be motorized.

How far is the nearest bakery?

By On 2021-02-04

The bakery is 2 km away, on the road to Ile Rousse but a little before ... It opens at 6.30 in the morning and offers not only bread, pastries but also salads, cut fruit and snacks . Other bakeries open even earlier for the late return of evenings :).

Is your rental far from the shops?

By On 2021-02-04

Our property is about 2.5 km from the shops of Ile Rousse, they are the closest.

Is your rental far from the beach?

By On 2021-02-04

Our property is approximately 2.5 km from Ile Rousse beach, which is the closest beach.

Where is your property located?

By On 2021-02-04

The property is located in a place between Ile Rousse and Santa Reparata Di Balagna, which is called Piazzaggiola.This is rarely known by GPS, but be reassured, you will receive a very detailed roadmap to guide you. It will be sent to you upon confirmation of your booking. 

On the other hand, you will find pictures on the site to help you navigate.

How big is the garden?

By On 2021-02-04

The garden is over 3000 square meters and has trees. As a result, you will always find a corner to be quiet or to play a game of pétanque.

Is the garden safe for animals?

By On 2021-02-04

The garden is secured by a fence all around the property but the gate is generally open. The busy roads are however relatively distant.

Can we bring our pet?

By On 2021-02-04

Our animal friends are welcome if they are well educated: little noise pollution, no aggressiveness and no damage to the garden and furniture. We will be the first happy to meet them!

Can children enjoy the garden?

By On 2021-02-04

Children can of course enjoy the property's playground, but always under parental supervision. Two swings including one for infants, a garden house with various games, a sandbox, bicycle, scooter etc…. are available. 

The photos are visible on the site.

Do you have equipment for the little ones?

By On 2021-02-04

Yes, absolutely, we are equipped to welcome the little ones. The list of this material is available on the site. in the reservation tab. On the other hand, it must be reserved in advance because we only have one copy: High chair, deckchair, car seat, booster seat, travel cot provided with sheets, baby bath, baby cooker, bottle warmer, cutlery and baby plate. 

We also have toys for babies and children to lend you.

Do you need a car to get around?

By On 2021-02-01

The property being about 2 kilometers from Île Rousse and just as much from Santa Reparata Di Balagna, it is strongly recommended to rent a car or mobile to get around. 

Also keep in mind that the access road to our property ends with a typical sandy road where you can go with all cars at moderate speed except with sports cars.